The Borad Gage Railway connection was started from Santipur to Kolkata on 31St May 1925 and thereafter Trains were started on Broad gauge line from Santipur to Kolkata. From Santipur to Nabadwip Narrow gauge connection was started in 1926. Now, State Buses regularly ply from Santipur to several parts of West Bengal. Daily worshipped deities and several types of temple of old days are found at Santipur . Several old mosques are also found here. Out of which the highest brick built temple in West Bengal named Shyam Chand Mandir (Established in 1726), Jaleswar Temple made with the designed Teracotta tiles (Established in 18t" Century) and Top Khana Masjid (in 1702) etc. of Santipur are remarkable.
                    Several sweets of Santipur were very famous in our Country for its self quality. Out of which "Khasa-moa" , "Nikhuti", "Jibegaja" and "Pokkannya" etc. were main Sweets. Other sweets like "Makha Sandesh", "Rosagolla" ,"Pantua" and "Jilapi" etc. were also available at Santipur.

Vidyasagar and several other eminent persons have remarked that only the residents of Santipur perfectly speak in Bengali Language. The special style of speaking and some special sentences in Bengali and using of some special words the Bengali language has become very sweet. The culture of Santipur runs on a special standard. Those aspects should be cultured. Some special songs of Santipur enriched the teaching of music of Bengal. The person of Santipur has become too much music lover than in other places.